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Battery Conditioners

Battery Conditioners allow long term storage of a car(or any other vehicle with a battery), so that the battery can be kept in tip top condition. The conditioner will only charge when it senses the battery needs it, and will not just give a continuous trickle charge whether the battery needs it or not. Essential for storage of classic cars.
Trickle chargers are different from battery conditioners in this respect that a battery conditioner has 'smart' circuitry which allows it to sense what condition the battery is in and so 'decide' what needs to be done to keep it in good condition. A trickle charger simply gives a continuous charge regardless of whether the battery needs it or not and are really only suitable for a timed charging, for example, if you want to just give the battery an 'overnight charge'.

Speedtrap detectors

Speedtrap detectors will help you to maintain a clean licence but they will also make you more aware of the possible dangers on the road and keep you alert when entering accident blackspots. There are many types of speedtrap detectors, sometimes known as radar detectors, and each type wiill alert you to different types of speedtrap or accident blackspot.

Vehicle Tracking

There could be many reasons why you need to track a vehicle, maybe the vehicle has been stolen and you need to advise the Police of it's location, or maybe you are a fleet manager and need to know where your cars or trucks are(possibly referred to as asset management). whatever the reason vehicle tracking using GPS or GPRS has now become commonplace on our roads and many products are available for the purpose.


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